(KIKA) - FLORENCE - Before meeting Stana Katic in Florence, we asked you to suggest some questions. Well, someone got their answers.

Which team do you hope will win the world cup? (@lizrosseaux)
The best one!

Do you ever get to watch Castle in tv?  (@EnricaValdes)
I don’t own a tv so I usually I watch episodes on the computer, especially when I need to see old episodes to prepare for a new scene or if there is a scene or an episode that I really want to see finished and what was the outcome.

What's a secret skill that you have? (@bine283)
If I tell you it wouldn’t be secret anymore!

Are you going to take part as an actress in one of your Sine Timore projects?
If when we’ll do the casting I will be needed I will, but I hope to find the right actress so I can concentrate on other aspects of the projects.

You've travelled a lot. Where else would you like to go that you haven't been yet? (@nymeriask)
There are so many places.. I’ve been considering to go to Ethiopia, Japan and Uganda, to start with.

What do you think Kate Beckett from season 1 would say about Kate Beckett from season 6 getting married to Castle?


Mountain or beach? What's the better place to go on vacation? (@natalia_XD)
Depends on the moment.

What’s your favorite song? (@Christina_Bosch)
Too many.

Three things you always have on you? (@volpecarolina07)
My passaport, the toothbrush and my credit card.

How does Kate Beckett manages running around in those heels?
Very very carefully.

Other things you might not know about Stana Katic:
- She loves the movie “Ieri oggi e domani” with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni
- Favorite gelato: hazelnut and pistacchio!
- She likes to listen to the music during photoshoots “to keep the mood going”
- One of her favorite movies is “Up in the air”, with George Clooney and Vera Farmiga.
- She does a very good imitation of the florentine accent…especially after we taught her a certain phrase to help her ‘train’: "Vado a Hasa per la mia cena di Hoha-Hola e Hoohies!"... Does it sound familiar?

  1. maria oliva
    Ottobre 3, 2014 alle 14:58

    ha detto:

    No è che abbia detto un gran che nell’intervista. Nathan e più aperto nelle interviste

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