mercoledì, 14 dicembre 2016

Phyllis Logan and Michael Fox, from Downton Abbey to Milan

di Simona Foti
The two actors in Italy to promote season 6 DVD of the popular tv show.
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(KIKA) - MILAN - From Downton Abbey to Milan: this is Phyllis Logan's and Michael Fox's "trip" in order to promote season 6 DVD of the popular british tv show, the last one.

Logan and Fox play Mrs. Hughes and Andy Parker in the show and were really happy to be back in Italy, which they both visited as tourists: we learned that they have been in Tuscany, precisely in Florence and Siena, and that they also appreciate traditional italian recipes, such as the "salame di cioccolato" (chocolate salami).

We met them at the lavish Grand Hotel et de Milan in the centercity and asked them a few questions about their feelings for the show and the dedicated fans. We also asked if a Downton Abbey movie was in progress and here's what they told us...

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